The Indulgentsoy Partnership

Each of our partners is a leader in its respective category and each brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to ensure that your product will perform exactly the way you need. Whether you’re just starting your soy program to complement your existing product lines, or are already established in the market and want to accelerate your soy program, the IndulgentSoy team can help you achieve your goals.

Berner Foods

(800) 819-8199,
Premium Glass Bottling
A market-leading supplier of quality food and beverage products with over 60 years of experience producing dairy based products such as processed cheese and soy beverages. Berner offers the fullest range of packaging and process options in the industry.


(800) 747-8605
Organic Liquid Soy Base
The Devansoy portfolio of high quality, non-GMO, and organic soy ingredients supports the foundation for food products that are good for you and taste great. From our inception nearly 20 years ago, Devansoy has been passionate about providing both outstanding soy ingredients and fresh ideas to our customers.

FMC Biopolymers

(800) 526-3649,
Stabilizer Technology
FMC Biopolymers is a global leader in the development and