4Soy brings together four

leaders in the food industry,

each with their own unique


In 2005, AC Nielsen found that soy-based drinks is the fastest-growing drink category in the world with a growth rate of more than three times (31% to 10%) that of energy drinks.

To serve that exploding market, the 4Soy initiative was created. 4Soy brings together four leaders in the food industry, each with their own unique specialties, to help formulators and retailers reach the consumers who demand new products in this popular, growing beverages category.

Each of the partners in the 4Soy initiative brings a unique strength to the table, creating a partnership that’s truly greater than the sum of its parts. When it comes to giving consumers what they demand, their strengths can be your advantage.


Devansoy was started in 1990 with a simple goal in mind: promote healthy living through diets rich in natural soy protein. Today, Devansoy combines their passion for natural soy with industry-leading technology and facilities. Devansoy products consist of a wide range of soy ingredients, processed using a proprietary system that results in a more neutral flavor profile, lighter colors and greater consistency. The Benesoy product line is produced from identity-preserved soybeans, and result in conventional or organic soy products.

Virginia Dare

With a company-wide focus on flavor systems for beverages, nutritional, health and wellness products, Virginia Dare provides its customers with the highest-quality products, best-in-class capabilities, and the innovation and business insights necessary to create for its customers successful new products. Virginia Dare is an industry leader in flavor modification, bitterness blocking and masking off-notes, notably for soy, minerals and vitamins. The company’s proprietary product lines, Prosweet and Vidapro, are extensively used in beverage and nutritional applications.

Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak Inc. is the world’s leader in aseptic packaging and processing. The Tetra Pak Carton’s six barrier layers “Protects What’s Good” by sealing in freshness and locking in taste. Recent consumer studies indicate consumers see the Tetra Pak carton as the ideal fit with the soy milk category. Given the choice of either the Tetra Pak Carton, glass, can or plastic, an impressive 61% of study respondents indicated that they would most want to purchase soy milk in the Tetra Pak Carton.

FMC BioPolymer

FMC BioPolymer has introduced a line of ingredients designed specifically for soy-based beverages to provide stability and improved mouthfeel. Their long-trusted Avicel cellulose gel, SeaKem carrageenan and Viscarin carrageenan have now been optimized for soy-based beverage applications, enabling beverage producers to achieve the stability, taste and overall quality that will provide their beverages and their customers with the highest brand integrity.

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