Devansoy sales jump more than 62% over last 5 years.

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As defined by Webster, one of his interpretations classifies progress as “to move forward: proceed.” During the past five years, Devansoy, Inc.’s sales have increased more than 62 percent, with an average growth rate of 12.5 percent.

At Devansoy, a Carroll-based company since 1991, progress continues to grow and evolve as several different threads are woven together to produce this tapestry known throughout the industry as one of the top soy protein ingredient companies.

“With Devansoy, that progress involves: people, customers, technology and sales,” said CEO Elmer Schettler. “The commonality with these four segments of Devansoy’s progress has been, is and will be ‘to move forward and proceed.’” The philosophy behind Devansoy’s progress is to seek people who have a strong work ethic, and are accountable for their respective duties and committed to the principle of providing superior products and service. This philosophy starts with Devansoy’s senior management team: CEO — Schettler; chief operating officer — DebWycoff; chief financial officer — John Ranson; and vice president of sales and marketing — Scott Desing.

Although the principal office recently moved to Pagosa Springs, Colo., where Schettler, a former longtime Carroll County resident now resides, Devansoy continues to maintain a presence in Carroll, via the home base of the chief operations officer.

Devansoy’s liquid soy production is based in Rock City, Ill., and the sales-and-marketing efforts are centralized in metro Atlanta.

As a result of Devansoy’s progress the past five years, the personnel needs have paralleled that respective growth. Subsequently, the employment rate has expanded by over 38 percent since 2008, most recently with the addition of a highly experienced quality assurance manager.

“People do business with people, not businesses,” Schettler said. “Devansoy’s partnerships with their customers is with people whom are essential to continue each other’s progress. While Devansoy’s core customers remain steadfast, other and new clients’ needs are forever chang­ing, plus new applications for soy ingredients are developing in areas that you’d least expect for soy protein.”

The most recent “move forward” is with a California-based company specializing in organic plant fertilizers for home use. Soy consumption, specifically soymilk and soy beverages, in the private-label category continue to increase year after year. The need for more non-dairy and lactosefree offerings, is and has been supported by rising consumer demand through all point-ofpurchase segments: mass market (retail/grocery), health food venues, club and box stores, foodservice, the military, etc.

In today’s world, you’d be hardpressed to mention progress without noting technology in the same sentence. The semi-virtual nature of Devansoy’s structure has been optimized by the use of adapting to the ever-changing world of technology. And, as the technology needs of customers have evolved, Devansoy has kept pace with their respective needs.

Recent technology updates at Devansoy ‘s Rock City production facility, include: hardware and software improvements, which have resulted in processing efficiencies. Utilization of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), a standard for exchanging information between computer systems, is an example of technology that not only acts as an inter-face between the customer and the supplier, but also assists the interdepartment functionality within a respective company.

The use of the Cloud via a remote server, and various business “apps” has proven to be quite beneficial with respect to: accounting software, the use and speed of electronic banking functions, streamlining financial operations, the elimination of repetitive tasks, etc.

“All this progress, as noted above would not have proceeded without sales and Devansoy has experienced consistent sales growth,” Schettler said. “While other companies have been forced to focus their energies on ‘contraction’ during a slower economy, Devansoy has weathered these recent years with growth and expansion. Conversely, those record-setting sales and profit results would not have been feasible without the progress of our people, customers and technology.”

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