Benesoy Benefits:

  • Unique processing system that ensures consistency and quality
  • Low flavor profile that won't overpower end products with soy flavor
  • Blander and whiter products that won't distort taste and color
  • Natural process that supports all-natural and organic label claims
  • Customization capabilities to meet your individual specifications
  • Rich in naturally occurring soy isoflavones
  • Stability in both high and low-pH systems

Liquid Soymilk Concentrate

Our highly versatile soymilk concentrate can be used for an ever-growing number of applications. Whether flavored for direct consumption or used as an ingredient, our soymilk concentrates will meet any and all of your specifications.

  • Low soy taste
  • Lighter color
  • More consistency
  • Versatile
  • Easy handling liquid

Our soymilks are delivered by insulated tankers or liquid totes delivered by refrigerated carrier.


Liquid Soymilk Bases

Benesoy 1391
Conventional (non-GMO), liquid soymilk base
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Benesoy 1392
Organic, liquid soymilk base
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Benesoy 2100
Organic, low-fat liquid soymilk base
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Benesoy 2191
Conventional (non-GMO), low-fat liquid soymilk base
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Soymilk Powders.

Our soymilk powders are naturally rich in soy isoflavones, thanks to an all-natural, solvent-free process that leaves oil, lecithin and other elements intact. A nutritionally rich ingredient, our soymilk powders can be the soy base for a wide range of foods, including dairy alternatives. Soymilk powders offer extended shelf life, yet are still completely functional.

  • High solubility
  • Stability in low pH systems
  • Economical use on demand
  • Low flavor profile

Our soymilk powders are delivered in 50-lb. bags.


Soymilk Powders

Benesoy 1385
Conventional (non-GMO) soymilk powder
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Benesoy 1386
Organic soymilk powder
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