Devansoy-All Natural, All Soy

Promoting Healthy Living

through diets rich in soy protein.

At Devansoy, we’ve committed our

lives to bringing you the Best natural

soy ingredients around.

And part of that commitment is giving you the choices you need to meet your specific formulation requirements. All our soymilks and soy flours are made from identity- preserved, non-GMO soybeans and are available from both organic and conventional soybean varieties. And they meet strict Kosher and Pareve certification standards. Whatever your formulation, we’ll help you make it great.

"If you don't have
passion and believe
in what you're
producing, there's
no reward."

- Elmer Schettler, Founder



Join us at IFT 2014! - June 16, 2014

Visit us @Booth #4118 this weekend! June 21st – 24th We’ll be bragging at the show: NON-GMO, I.P. & All Natural soy protein ingredients Hexane-Free (water only) processing Organic & conventional, plus full & low fat varieties Comprehensive source for … More >

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